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Lunchbag for Christmas

My 2 year old niece will be starting Montessori in January. My sister suggested that a nice lunch bag would make a great gift, since she will need to take her lunch every day. So I whipped this little number up yesterday afternoon. It was surprisingly not difficult to make, and so cute. (Now, what she didn’t say was if her Montessori school forbids licensed fabrics like this. I know a few do. But I guess if I find out that this bag would be against the rules, I can easily make another one.)

I followed this tutorial from I found the directions to be a little confusing, but this late in pregnancy, with my mind really half somewhere else most of the time, I couldn’t picture how to put this together on my own. Which is sad, is it not? I hope my brainpower comes back soon!

My sister is going to find out for me if her daughter also will need reusable napkins and placemat. I’ve had several Wallypop customers mention that this is a requirement for their Montessori schools, and I actually have a Montessori school on my list of wholesale customers - they buy napkins in bulk for resale in their school store. If she will need napkins/placemat, I’ll make her a little set of solid-color linens to coordinate with the bag.

If not, I’ll either make her a skirt or a little tote bag to go along with the lunchbag.