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Zip Pouches for Christmas

Yesterday, I finished up part of my gift packages for my nieces. I have three who are close in age, and decided to give them all largely the same things this year: a set of pouches, some fun soaps, and a few other small things.

I’ve had the soaps done for a month or so, but just finished up the pouches. As I’m reasonably sure that none of them read this blog, I’m posting pictures for you to see.

Pinch Pouches

All of the zip-top pouches were made from fabrics I had in my scrap bin, so really my only expense was the zippers, which I buy in bulk anyway, for about $.50 apiece. The pouches with the zippers in the middle were inspired by this blog post. The pinch pouches were made more or less following this tutorial. None of them are perfect, but I think the flaws are noticeable only to me. I had fun doing the hand embroidery - it’s been years since I embroidered anything! I was happy that the technique came back to me quickly, but I was well into my third pouch before was embroidering with anything resembling competence.

Zip Pouches for Christmas

So, each girl gets three pouches, about five soaps (rainbow, animal, etc), and then a few little things chosen just for them and not hand-made: a few High School Musical pens, some favorite snack food, etc.