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OK, this was so fun. I’m going to order more mold making goodies and start scouring the planet for fun things to make. I already have a few ideas.

The first thing I did was firmly affix the original to the bottom of my tray. I sealed it around all of the edges with modeling clay. Then I also sealed along the bottom of the tray, since the joint between the walls and the bottom of the tray was not tight.

Making a Mold

I followed the instructions that came with the mold making stuff to mix up the silicone and apply it. I didn’t take any pictures during this part - I was trying to work quickly, measure accurately, and not let either very curious child make a mess. But here’s what it looked like after I finished pouring in the silicone.

Making a Mold

Four hours later…

Making a Mold

Of course, I could not resist making a quick bar of soap, so I remelted some leftover soap pieces I had from a different project.

Making a Mold Making a Mold

The melted soap was all full of air bubbles, and so the resulting soap is a little messy.

So - I’m so excited! Han Solo in Carbonite soap, chocolates, and candies!!