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Alright, I’m so very disappointed in this hat that I knit for Genna.

It’s such an odd shape. Several of the reviews on Ravelry mentioned this, too, but I of course thought it wouldn’t happen to me, right? It’s too big around, and not deep enough. This picture was taken several months ago - see how it’s baggy around her face? But it fits her OK front to back. We thought she would grow into it.

2009 vacation

This is from last week. It’s still baggy around her face (yes, still pinned, but it’s pinned as tightly as it can go). But it’s too short front to back now. And it’s only JULY!

I thought about just fixing it, but I’m all out of that yarn and don’t want to buy more. So I think I’m just going to start over. I might make the same hat, but just change the pattern to make it smaller around and longer front to back.