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Goat & Honey Soap Orange Marmalade Soap Earthy Beauty Soap

I just realized I’d never really posted about my soap-making after I really got going. First, can I say that I love it? I’ve wanted to try cold-process soap making, but really don’t feel comfortable doing that with young children around (and while pregnant), so decided to go with the melt-and-pour for now.

I started off using recipes I found online, then began experimenting with my own recipes, adding things I thought would be fun or beneficial in some way. My family has been testing soap for me, and so far, we haven’t found one we really don’t like. I’m not saying it’s foolproof, but with some careful forethought, it’s hard to mess up too much!

Rather than making full-size bars, I made little half-size bars. Personally, I like that size better - they’re great for travel, yes, but they’re also just smaller so they take up less room on the counter, they fit preschool hands easier, etc.

I packaged them up really nicely and sold a few at Craft Saturday this fall, and I have a few listed at Etsy, but most are destined to be gifts. Christmas for the women in the family, as well as thank yous for the many wonderful people whose time and skills I have relied upon during all of the ups and downs of this pregnancy.

If you’ve been wanting to try something new, I really encourage you to give melt and pour soap a try. You can buy kits at many craft stores, and those are not a bad place to start. Most of them are Life of the Party brand. There’s nothing inherently wrong with this brand, and it’s a very good and inexpensive way to give M&P a try. If you like it, however, you can get much higher quality supplies at online stores such as BrambleberryMajestic Mountain Sage, and Bubbles and Beyond, all of which I’ve used and been happy with.