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Knit Felted Bag

Have I mentioned that I’m a knit-a-holic these days? No big projects, only things I can finish the same week I start them. This bag, above, was done without a pattern, and really without any concrete idea of what it would look like until I was nearly done with it. I’m happy with how it came out, though it shrunk up shorter than I anticipated when I felted it. (I mean, I know knitting shrinks more in height than in width, it was just the sheer amount of vertical shrinkage that surprised me on this one.) But I still like how it turned out.

Felted Purse

This one is based off of the Magknits Sophie pattern, for a general guide to get me through making the base and starting the sides. This yarn, purchased on clearance at JoAnn as part of a kit, was not my favorite to work with, but it felted nicely and it looks and feels pretty good now. It’s nothing I’d want to cuddle, but it’s not too bad.

I wasn’t sure when I made these whether they’d be Christmas gifts for family, or if I’d list them on Etsy to become Christmas gifts for someone else, but I ended up deciding to list them last night.