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I realized with horror the other day that in the mad rush to finish up all the family’s Christmas gifts amidst the very tiring rollercoaster of my mom’s health issues, I completely neglected to take any photos whatsoever of said gifts before they were turned over to their owners. Frankly, I was just happy to get them done - I ended up leaving my aunt and sister at the hospital a few evenings while I went home to sew presents! I had, of course, planned to get them made much, much earlier in the year, but orders from Wallypop kept me so busy, I just kept putting it off.

So, I have no photos, and I’m really quite sad about that.

I made seasonal/holiday pillowcases for all the adults - Valentine’s Day, Spring, Summer, Independence Day, Fall, Halloween, and Christmas. Though I was really excited about making them, I had some last-minute panic attacks that they all would hate them and/or think that it was a really lame gift. My fears were for naught, though - everyone either did genuinely think they were great, or they’re all really good actors.

The kids all got hoodies, with two exceptions. I made a Hannah Montana hoodie, a Jack Sparrow hoodie, a black hoodie with flame accents, and a Steelers hoodie. My oldest neice is getting Pink Skull pajama pants, and my youngest neice got a matching pink skull cardigan. (OK, I was running out of time and also did not have any small separating zippers, hence the cardigan.)

I really enjoyed making the hoodies, and will probably make myself one in the coming weeks.

I also made Wally some pajama pants, and will be posting pictures of those soon!