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In June, I dyed up some fitted diapers that I bought used from a friend. I’ll be selling these back into our local cloth diaper community at our fall Cloth Diaper Garage Sale.

6/15 tie dye diapers

Then I dyed two shirts for Genna to replace the two that she outgrew before she got to wear them. The ones she outgrew were better, lol. They’re the two shirts in this post. They are on their way to be auctioned off at the Friends of Iowa Midwives fundraiser on Labor Day.

Tie Dye shirts for Genna  Tie Dye shirts for Genna

Tie Dye shirts for Genna

Then a friend had a tie dyeing party, and I made a few things there. I did learn that I cannot dye with friends. I am not as focused, I am sloppier, and I make a lot of mistakes. You can see the yellow spots on the sleeve of the second shirt there.

8/1 Tie Dye