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I also dyed up a bunch of stuff for my own family.

Wally's sweatshirt Hoodie for Wally. He helped me dye this one and loves it.

Headscarf - 1/3 A headscarf for me. I actually made this a while back and have been wearing it incessantly. It’s a few inches bigger than a do-rag, which gives me just enough space to tie it the way I like.

Headscarves Then a new headscarf for me, in green.

More Tie Dye Orange and Yellow outfit for Genna. It’s a little boring, though. I might applique it.

More Tie Dye I love this shirt for Wally. We made it with the low water immersion technique. Basically, after soaking the shirt in soda ash solution (fixer), we stuff it in the bottom of a jar, pour in the two colors of dye, and add water to cover the shirt. Easy enough for a four year old. I’m going to applique something fun on the back.

More Tie Dye More Tie Dye Outfits for Genna for summer. I love the Sage and brown together. The shirt on the left is actually sage with raspberry.

More Tie Dye And I love this dress. Raspberry, Sage, Chocolate. Sounds like the start of a recipe. How smart is it to have a white dress for a 6 month old? Not good, probably, but I can always overdye if I need to.