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So I own yarn.

Plain Yarn for Dying Wool scarf Sockweight Yarn Yarn in bag for bag

The Village Knit Wit, my local yarn store, is closing. I’ve been in there a few times to get yarn with my mom. I’ve drooled, I’ve lusted, but I’ve ultimately refrained from buying yarn because I really don’t need a new hobby. But alas, nice textiles are my weakness!

So now that everything is 40% off, well, I caved and bought a few skeins. Or 10. Enough for a scarf, hat, and mittens for me. A pair or two of leggings or socks for Wally (or me). Some for a felted bag. But that’s it, I promise.

I should note: I made a scarf for Randy when I was in college. That’s the extent of my knitting experience. Like I said. I’m insane.