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Elvis Sandwich Wrapper Elvis Sandwich Wrapper

I’ve added two new products to the ever-growing assortment of products for more natural lifestyle over at WP Living. First, sandwich wraps. These wraps are quite simple, but also ingenious. They’re reusable, laminated fabric sheets that you wrap around your sandwich (or wrap, or pita, or whatever) instead of using a plastic bag or plastic box. No BPAs! These are so simple, I’ve hesitated in offering them for a while, but I’ve had so many requests for them that I’ve decided to just go ahead and include them in my product offerings.

Snack Bags

Next up are snack bags. These are, again, alternatives to plastic zip-close bags. Our family’s used them for years, and I’ve made several for friends, family, and customers (as special-order, by-request items). Just as with sandwich wraps, the number of requests I’ve received for these has grown exponentially in recent months, and so I decided to go ahead and offer them as regular products. The sizes mimic standard zip-close bag sizes, but they are much more fun and, again, free of BPAs. The only drawback to these bags is that they are not waterproof and airproof like plastic bags are. (You can’t put, for example, cheese in them, then toss them into a cooler with ice and expect the cheese to remain dry as the ice melts. The zipper installation is NOT waterproof! They also will not keep homemade play dough from drying out, since they’re not airproof.) They will work great, though, for dry snacks as well as for foods like sliced apples or other fresh fruits and vegetables.