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The Beru Lars costume was not hard to make.
  Beru Whitesun (Beru Lars)

I started the shirt with Simplicity 4987, not necessarily a logical choice, but I wanted to start from something with a back closure and that was the only back-closing shirt pattern I own. I used a cotton-poly blend, though the actual costume looks more like a sweater than a shirt - but I made this for dancing in, so it couldn’t be too hot! I cut out the back, omitting the button placard and placing the center back on the fold of the fabric instead. The sleeves, I made full-length and omitted any shaping. I basically used the shoulder curve of the pattern, then went off on my own from there!

I sewed the uneven pintucks in the remaining fabric, then cut out the blouse front. Some basic assembly, cut a slash at the neck to get my head through, finish the neck with homemade bias tape, and done.

The sweater started with this ugly sweater I have owned for several years that’s gotten quite a bit of wear. (It was my only cardigan for years.) It had a fur collar I’ve always wanted to take off, anyway. So I cut off the fur collar and finished the raw neck edge with some bias tape. Then I folded the opening in all the way around, creating a new shape to the front. Beru’s sweater is shaped more like a bathrobe - my cardigan was a button-up, so it was boxier. After sewing down the new shape, I removed the cardigan’s pockets and voila.

The skirt is where I get way off the accurate. I was pressed for time. I already own a khaki linen skirt that’s about the right length. It’s not a wrap-around skirt. But it works.

The belt and pouch are made from twill and corduroy. I would have used leather if I had any. They were fairly easy to put together. The pouch is just a rectangle with a flap and then an extra piece sewn onto the back for the belt to slip through.

The hair actually took about an hour to get right. Turns out, you need to start with the braids directly over the ears, and pointing forwards (so, I had to bend at the waist while I started the braids). Then they coil up above the ears. Not hard once you figure out the best way to get started.

Now - will anybody recognize such a minor character? Doubtful. But who cares?