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At this point, works in progress should be titled “things I’d like to get started on.”

Fall Skirts - I’m going to need a few new skirts for fall. I actually have several of these skirts cut out as of today. I decided to wait on cutting out another one. I have the fabric for it sitting on my table, but I’m not entirely sure what type of skirt to make, so I’m stalling on that one.

Knit with Fabric - Over the years, I’ve accumulated a number of cast-off fabrics and old clothes (not good enough to give away) that I have stashed in a Rubbermaid. The Rubbermaid’s full now and overflowing into a second Rubbermaid. Not Good. Time to use some of that up. I’ve decided to try knitting with fabric. I think I’ll make a tote bag or something first.

Tshirt Quilt - Another project to eat up those cast-off Tshirts. A good many of them are only Tshirt backs, and plain white ones at that, given to me after a Tshirt Quilt project used up the fronts. I think I’m going to dye them and cut them into squares and make a very basic quilt.

Knit Rug - And then if I have leftover old Tshirts after those projects (and I will), I’ll cut them into strips and knit them into a rug. Should be fun. Probably requires new needles? Not sure.

DVD Player Case - ours is ratty.

Backpack Bag - for me. I’m scoping out some ready-made bags for ideas. I need something stylish but very functional and with lots of interior organized storage.

Knit Bowls - I’ve wanted to try these for a while.

Bedroom Curtains - Well, we need them. I know what I want to use for appliques, and I bought the linen on clearance a few months ago.