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I finished this last week, but have had a heckuva time getting pictures taken. I am so pleased with how this turned it, and will be wearing it to Jive Junction tonight.

40s pantsuit with jacket Pantsuit, 40s

OK, I swear I don’t normally have a double chin. And normally the pantsuit would be worn with not only vintage shoes but also a more appropriate shirt. Not a logo Tshirt. But the suit is awesome, eh?

The pattern says it is intended to adhere to WPB regulations. The jacket is unlined, the whole thing is very un-wasteful.

This is the pattern.

And this is why I love vintage patterns:

That’s the directions. Most notably, the parts about “make bound buttonholes as marked” or “attach collar and facings.” Seriously. No further direction. Just the assumption that you know how to do these things. My favorite part? “Step by Step, Simply Explained” at the top. Do you know that a similar pattern printed today would include at least four sheets of instructions?