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I will be getting three of Enwrapture Vintage’s beautiful silk wrap skirts. I was able to purchase them through a co-op for a substantial discount, which is why I splurged and bought 3. wahoo!


I’ve also pulled out some fabric to do some sewing when I have a minute. (ha.) Realistically, it’ll be May before I have a chance. I think I’m going to change from my usual A-line skirt (using my fabulous Super Easy Patternless A-Line Skirt instructions) and maybe try a simple elastic-waist gathered number or two. We’ll see. I usually dislike how puffy those end up looking. I think they’d look great with the longer T-shirts that are the current style, but let’s be honest: I don’t own any of the longer-length T-shirts that are the current style.

And I’m browsing Etsy.

Beautiful, but $48 might be more than I want to spend.

  I like the concept, but it’s too mannish for me.

I loooove this.

  ooooh, like this one, too!  too big for me, though.

  Flutter skirt.

  Could I pull off this look?

I really like Conscious Clothing’s stuff, but it’s out of my price range.

Fun idea, but I’m not sure I am down with the no-back, ties behind you pinafore. And the skirt’s a bit too country for me to ever wear it alone. Top might be hard to nurse in.

Love it. Struggling with how many wrap skirts I should own, after the Enrapture order.

gaiaconceptions has some pretty awesome designs with organic, local (to them), and hemp fibers. Hidden pocket? Awesome.