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yes, when it comes to personal projects, I’m definitely knitting more than sewing these days. Truth be told, I spend about 4-5 hours a day in my office/sewing room just doing Wallypop things - processing, packing, shipping orders. Cutting and sewing Made to Order items. Keeping items in inventory. That’s not solid, of course, I work with two small children, lol.

But that’s the absolute MAX that the kids can stand being in there. I make it a fun place for them, and we have snacks down there, too, but it’s one room, and it gets boring after a while. So I’ve not had much time for sewing that’s not Wallypop-related. I haven’t even been making new items for the Etsy store.

I have a few projects I hope to complete for myself this month or next. I need a new knitting project bag, for one, lol.