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┬áThese leggings turned out super adorable, even though I wasn’t sure about them while I was knitting.

It’s the basic Aubrey Doodlepants pattern, which is a real basic knit-in-the-round longies pattern without a gusset. I wanted to make them double thick through the wet zone, so I ended up deciding to just double-strand from an inch below the ribbing through the beginning of the legs. While I considered reducing the number of stitches to make up for this increase in bulk, I ended up just leaving it.


So then the longies ended up being REALLY wide.


However, I think they look completely adorable when they’re on her, with that baggy, casual look.


ps, the yarn was from my yarn CSA from Christmas 2008. Not my favorite yarn, but I’m trying to use it all up and then be rid of it!!