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Alright. Here’s where I’m at. (no pictures in this post, the relevant pictures have already been separately posted)

Ballet skirts and legwarmers for two nieces: Done.

Ballet skirt and bun cover for another niece: Half done. (skirt done, bun cover out with a friend)

Camera cozy and assorted fabric pouches for mother in law: done.

Camera strap cover for father in law: done.

(MIL and FIL are also getting a bowl from StellaJames and a picture of my adorable family.)

Slippers for sister in law: done

Tote bag for other sister in law: done. (this sister in law is also getting the gift of our presence at her wedding in March in Arizona. don’t laugh, it’s going to cost us over $1000.)

Slippers for nephews: done

Slippers for niece: done

Hat for soon to be brother in law: not even started.

Project for sister: not started, needed equipment is malfunctioning.

Twirly skirt for niece and sweater skirt for niece: done.

Two brothers-in-law are getting gift cert’s for massage. They could both use one.

That takes care of extended family. So I’m largely done there.

Immediate family:

Wally: knit sweater, knit sock monkey. Neither started.  New pants (hemp french terry, dyed). Sewn, not dyed.

Genna: knit jacket/cardigan, knit longies. Not started.

Randy: knit fingerless gloves to match his hat. Christmas ornament from Wally. Not started. (though the ornament needs to wait until the 24th, because the child cannot keep anything to himself.) I’m also going to get him a gift card to Itunes for his new Ipod Touch.

And I’ll be doing some crafting for friends and others, too. One of those projects is finished, one is started.

I need to figure out what to do for our postal carrier.