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socks 11/1


The owner of Family Pendragon contacted me a while back, asking if I would make her three pairs of socks from her yarn. I agreed, and received the yarn shortly afterwards. The yarn looks really yummy in the skein! I could hardly wait to get started!

The yarn itself is not handspun, and is in fact similar to many other sock yarns that are available places like Etsy - it’s been hand-dyed, but was obviously purchased commercially from somewhere. It’s nice to work with, doesn’t fuzz up, seems like it will wash well, and appears to be a good quality. It’s superwash merino, which is my favorite for socks.


The colors are all very pretty, though I don’t think they’re things I’d choose to purchase for myself. I think my favorite is the top pair (red and peach), though I would never wear them because I have nothing in my wardrobe that would be complimentary. (That pair was knit with the Socks 101 guide from Knitty.)

The pair directly above (pastels) was my first pair of socks knit entirely without a pattern! I’m actually pretty proud of myself. I remembered enough of the guidelines from the Knitty Socks 101 guide, and just went with it. I really like this color scheme, too - for someone else. I’m not much of a pastels girl.


And, to be truthful, I don’t like this pair at all. There is too much going on there. Too many colors. But keep in mind, I’m not a multi-color girl, either.

I will say that after three pairs of socks in a row, I need a break from socks. I’m glad I did not decide to knit everyone socks for Christmas!!