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So, at the suggestion of customers, I decided to start making the little baby shoes out of recycled wool sweaters. After cutting up a bunch of sweaters for pants and other goodies, I dug through the leftovers to find enough pieces to make a pair of shoes. Oddly, the pieces I have left when I’m done with sweaters aren’t necessarily big enough for shoes, so out of 8 sweaters, I found pieces for two slightly mismatched shoes. Which is fine just to give it a try, right?

But then, as I was sewing, I completely forgot how I make the heel. And so totally ruined that pair. Nice one.

Actually, the way I make the heel for cotton shoes works fine for cotton shoes, but will be REALLY bulky for wool shoes, so I need to figure out a new way anyway. Just, clearly, the way I did it is NOT that way.