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I hate to admit it, but I’ve started the winter knitting.


Wally’s mittens are just a variegated blue wool. Simple. They knit up pretty fast. I made a long crochet chain to fasten them together so they don’t get lost.


Genna’s mittens are pink and brown. Also fast. Faster, of course, since they were smaller. Same crochet chain to fasten them together.

Both knit with just leftovers - unlabeled, but in the Superwash Leftovers bag, so they should be OK in the laundry - using the mittens pattern on this page from Sandy’s Needle Nook.

Wally doesn’t need a hat - the hat he’s been wearing for the last 2 years still fits him. Genna kind of needs a hat. She has three, but only one of those has a tie under the chin, which she definitely needs. The one with the tie is the Yoda hat.

Randy gets a hat. It’s double knit. I’m scared to start it, lol.