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Christmas Tree

Goodness, we’re coming up on Christmas, aren’t we?

Well, OK, the answer is NO. But it’s getting to be time to start planning for what I’m going to make for Christmas presents. And this year, I have, well, pretty much no ideas.

I’m thinking maybe knitted, felted slippers. For the kids? For the grownups? Hm.

I think it would be awesome to figure out how to use my screenprint kit and use it for Christmas gifts, but unless I want everyone to have the same design, um, that’s a different screen for every person. Not really practical. So maybe some upscale, modern freezer paper stencil designs for adult Tshirts? I don’t really see the men in the family wearing those, though. I know Randy would, but my brothers in law and my father in law aren’t really the, um, Design-On-Tshirt type.

Hm. I’m never too impressed with my ideas for the guys, you know?