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Eragon Socks

Goodness, but I’m a wee bit behind posting completed projects here. These socks were knit as part of my Geek Knitting Kick I’ve been on lately, and are officially called Eragon Socks at my house. The pattern is Wyvern (which is a type of dragon) and it’s a nice, easy pattern that’s easy to memorize - a must with me. It’s the same stitch pattern as my Eragon Gauntlets.

The yarn is Monkeypal SuperWash Sock Yarn from Monkeypal’s Etsy store. Um, it’s my new favorite sock yarn. It’s very soft, straight from the get-go. It’s mashine washable, it’s comfortale on the feet, easy to knit with. The colors are beautiful. Love it. This colorway is, um, “Saphria.” Yeah. That’s why I bought it.

And of course, here’s the Ravelry project page.