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Star Trek Cloth, geek Triforce cloth, geek

Stargate cloth, geek Alliance Symbol, geek cloth

Star Trek, Triforce (Legend of Zelda), Stargate, and the Alliance Symbol (Star Wars)


I don’t know, man, one day I got a gumption to knit some geeky washcloths. And here you go. They’re all gifts. The Star Trek and Star Gate are already off to my brother in law, and the Star Wars and Triforce are headed to a friend.


X Men Cloth W Cloth G Cloth

The X-Man cloth and the W cloth, I made for Wally. He actually completely loves them. The G is for Genna, obviously. She doesn’t care that much.

Some of these were patterns I improvised from charts I found online, some were patterns I found on Ravelry. All details at Ravelry.