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Alright, I have decided to embrace my inner geek. I have resisted just-for-fun geek knitting, because I still have little use for things that are neither functional nor beautiful (bonus points if you can name who said this). But I’m starting on a string of geek knitting that does have function.

Project One: Dragon Gauntlets in bright blue, reminiscent of Saphria from Eragon. (see, I warned you.)

Knitting - 3/25


And here is the link to the project’s page at Ravelry, with pattern information. No yarn information though, it’s from my mom’s stash with, predictably, no label.

After I get these done, I’ll be doing some socks with the same dragon scale pattern, then a few other geeky surprises, including Star Wars, Star Trek, and Nintendo Geekiness. Some Stargate thrown in there, too, for good measure.