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See, it all started mid-week a few weeks ago. I cleaned out the pantry. It was Pantry and Entry week in my modified FlyLady schedule. The pantry looked all spiffy and, after sweeping the back entry (where the pantry is), I decided that we really needed to paint the walls.

So I painted them. I used a light mint color that we had leftover from another project. Then, well, the trim really needed some work, too. I didn’t have time to remove the paint and stain them like I wanted to, so I painted them dark brown, also with leftover paint. So, four days later, it was all painted and looking pretty good.

But the old wooden blinds that were on the door when we moved in just weren’t right any more. Voila…a nice linen curtain with a nice Craftsman stenciled design.


Then I had to paint the stairs going down to my office (gray to match the walls in the basement entry - they were just kind of a mixture of all sorts of gross colors before) and then also installed a panel of fabric UNDER the stairs (which do not have risers) to hide the under-stair storage.

I’m quite pleased, and the only thing I had to buy was the curtain rod - $3.25.