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So, recently, I’ve made Shibori headscarves.

More Headscarves Headscarves Headscarves

More Headscarves Hankies

I love the way they look, and I love Shibori in general. You take the fabric, wrap it around something cylindrical, tie it up, scrunch it down, and dye. You can get different results depending on how tightly you wrap the fabric, how much it overlaps, whether you fold it first and how, etc. I’ve found that even people who generally would say they don’t like tie dye say they like the way Shibori looks. And it’s So Much Fun!!

These here are all destined for Etsy. A few of them have been listed already.


If anyone reading this has not tried tie dye, you really should. Just get yourself some RIT, even - it’s widely available and cheap. (The results won’t be as good, but if you’re just playing around for fun, who cares??)