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Fleece Covers


 I have been able to sew for about two hours a day recently and am working on getting Wallypop restocked. I’m enjoying the work again, but also afraid it’s all for naught. We shall see.


In the meantime, I’m also going to be hauling some stuff to the Holistic Moms Network Potluck and Craft Show this weekend. That should be fun. I don’t get to go to HMN meetings any more - they are always on the same day I teach class. I used to be able to go to part of a meeting and still make class on time, but the location’s changed and it’s just far enough away from where we teach that I can’t do both. :-( But events like this, held on a weekend, are a fun chance to get together with the HMN moms that I don’t get to see at other events.