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A while back, I posted about a new project in the crafty community, Mama to Mama. Last week, I made and sent off a handful of caps to send off for the Caps To Cap-Haitien project.

I ended up remembering that I had recently offloaded most of my unused and unwanted clothes, whether to other crafty friends or to Goodwill, so I only had three of my husband’s old undershirts to use for this project. Once I got the six caps made, I started thinking they looked a little…well…like old undershirts. So I dyed them red and blue.

Caps for Cap-Haiten, being dyed

and then one of the caps got lost during the dye rinse-out (found it under the dryer the day after I sent off the package) so I ended up with only five caps. But still, five is better than none, eh?

Hats for Mama to Mama