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Wally’s pants, and I happen to know he loves them. LOL. I had to have him try them on. I just traced around the pants he happened to be wearing at the time I was ready to cut these out (he took them off first, though he really didn’t believe me when I told him WHY I wanted him to undress in the basement in the middle of the day). They also have a back pocket in the dinosaur print.

W's pants




Joey’s skirt. I asked my sister to give me an idea of waist and length, and she never did, so I hope this fits, but if not, too bad. I’m only part kidding there…of course, I’ll fix it if it doesn’t fit! I ended up finding a child’s sizing chart online and based the measurement off of that. I really just eyeballed everything, but used essentially the same technique as in my Super Easy Patternless A-Line Skirt Tutorial.

Joey's skirt



 Nephew’s shirt. Nephew is a Guitar Hero fan, as are many teenage boys. I made him this shirt. I first dyed the bottom with yellow and then red, using a tub dyeing technique. Then I drew flames on the bottom and covered them with soy wax (for batik) before tub dying the whole thing in black. I was in labor during this batik and black dye process, and didn’t stir as much as I should have - it was really hard to bend over the tub during contractions - resulting in some light patches. After a lot of consideration, I decided I actually rather liked the way it looked, so rather than re-dying, I decided to leave it.

Patrick's Shirt



 Wee Sweaters. These are actually Christmas ornaments. I made one for each family member. This pattern is so easy to make - you can find it in my Projects at Ravelry (link at right).

Bitty Sweaters



 There will continue to be Christmas-related crafting going on around here, mostly with Wally, but I am done with my gift Crafting. Feels good.