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Cupcake Soap

So, several years ago, I saw a picture online of some cupcake soap that someone had made and I thought, “if I ever make soap, I will totally make some cupcake soap.” Well, I started playing around with making soap, and couldn’t resist making these little cupcake soaps. I used the mini cupcake pans I got from my mom, and the papers have been around since I can remember, they look like they’re from the 70s. These particular ones are chocolate with vanilla “frosting,” but I also made some strawberry and vanilla ones. They’re so cute to look at, I have a hard time using them!

Some of these are on their way to Miracle Diapers to be used as Thank You gifts to the sewers who repair the dipes that are sent in. Some of these will be Christmas presents. Some will be gifts for various people and events.

I’m not going to sell any of these. I used somewhat lower quality soap base for my first several batches of soap, and prefer to use the high quality, really nice oils and no Sodium Laureth Sulfate stuff for soaps that are for sale. BUT I anticipate making more of these and THOSE will end up in the shop (or at Craft Saturday).