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A few weeks ago, the lens on our camera broke while we were in Chicago. I don’t mean it had a malfunction. It’s in three pieces, and another small part fell off today. The camera shop assures me it’s repairable, but I have my doubts. We’ve decided to just buy a new one (we’ve already repaired that one once, and it’s a matter of economics at this point).

Problem = we’re having a hard time finding what we want/need locally.

So in the meantime, I have my zoom lens. I literally have to stand in the next room to take pictures. So, while I’ve been making a LOT of goodies, I’ve been unable to photograph them.

- A new maternity skirt for me, finished today.
- A wet wipe bag for me, finished yesterday.
- A restocking of mama pads, mama pad bags, and breast bads.
- A ring sling for a friend.
- Some knitted pants.
- Knitted pants in progress.

Sigh. Just imagine them.