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Made some fake BabyLegs today. Or let’s call them “baby leg warmers.”

My original plan was to make a two-layer tube out of some leftover knits that I have, then add a cuff on each end, tucking all the seams away inside. Then I thought about taking adult knee socks, and adding a cuff made from knit fabric to either end. Then I decided to just knit some. (More on that later.) While searching for knitting patterns for baby leg warmers (to no avail), I came across this Flickr set and decided to first try the knee sock idea, but using the foot part of the socks for the cuff.

We went to Old Navy today, looking for some good bargains on winter stuff. We didn’t find any, but I did find some knee socks on sale, and found some good sale socks at Target, too. I bought a few pairs, the manliest ones I could find, and made up some leg warmers this afternoon - pretty easy!

Most of these are cotton/nylon blends - I wanted wool, but there were no wool knee socks on sale, so we settled for cotton.

I made a pair for my neice Joey, as well (she’s also getting a genuine pair of BabyLegs), and a pair for Wally’s little friend Bella, who recently moved to Montana.

Fake Babylegs

(Sara - your package is on its way to Montana as you read this!)