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Wool Covers

You know, I haven’t been posting much, because I’ve mostly been working on filling Made To Order orders from Wallypop - diapers and carriers - and I consider that to be somewhat mundane. Additionally, we haven’t had a sunny day for what seems like 10 years, so it’s been very difficult to take decent pictures. (And the two sunny days we did have, I was outside with Wally having fun, not taking pictures of projects!!)

But what the heck, I’ve decided I may just as well start posting pictures of order sewing and instock sewing, since that’s what I’ll be doing for most of the next two months.

So, here you go! The picture above is four wool covers sewn for a large order headed for California hopefully tomorrow. I have three wet bags and two Cycle Pads to make today before it gets all packed up and headed out the door.