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Hi! I’m Sarah, and Boulevard Designs is my shop. I make a variety of handcrafted goodies - bags, aprons, baby items, placemats, and whatever else trips my fancy, and I list them for sale in my store.

I’ve owned Wallypop, my other store, for three years, and through it, I make cloth diapers and baby slings (and other items). I love that store, and really enjoy sewing the diapers and whatnot, but started to find myself a little, well, bored. I sew largely the same things day in and day out. My creative energies were practically bursting to get out, but I’ve made nearly all the clothes and household goods my own family can handle!

So, Boulevard Designs was born. I sew whatever trips my fancy, and I make it available to you. Past customers have enjoyed my items, and I’ve definitely enjoyed making them.

Thanks for stopping by!

You may contact us at