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Silk Play Scarves for W

So. I’d read a bit about dyeing silk, and how it CAN be done with the dyes I already have - fiber-reactive dyes. But that those dyes may shift or the results might be unexpected. And I guess I didn’t read much about exactly HOW one might dye silk with the fiber-reactive dyes. I just gave it a shot. I bought four silk squares to make playsilks for Wally.

The first one, I did low-water immersion dyeing with red dye. It turned out BEAUTIFUL. I didn’t photograph it and it went missing shortly after it was washed out. (I’ve since found it. Wally was playing with it. yay.)

So, I figured, alright! This is easy! And dyed the other three. The one on the left in the picture is a nice lemon yellow, as it was supposed to be. The middle one was supposed to be purple, but is instead a kind of raspberry with streaks of green, which is alright. The one on the right was supposed to be Kelly Green. mmm hmmm.

I will PROBABLY try that Kelly Green one again, but with a different color.

Clearly, if I were going to make more (which I’m not), I really should get silk dyes.